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Kodiaq Base Product

Rule Maintenance

Kodiaq contains an expert systems rule engine that takes care of finding the data you are interested in, so you can concentrate on writing the rules. Each module has a rule-set that has been developed with the input of multiple customers. However, we know that everyone has unique needs and therefore a great deal of customization is provided with each module. Kodiaq also includes a rule-building component whereby the user can build and modify rules. We also offer unlimited access to the source code so that your own technical staff is able to make more advanced modifications.

User Rule Maintenance

For maximum ease of use for the customer, we offer a rule maintenance system which allows the user to add new rules to the system without the need of a programmer. By choosing PNR data and actions from drop-down lists, the user can add new rules to existing processes or build completely new processes at any time.

The Source Code

Kodiaq is a robust system, which solves a wide array of problems. However, every customer is different and has unique needs and concerns. These differences can be addressed by allowing you to manipulate the rules, however we have found that for some customers this is not enough control.

Many customers want to take Kodiaq and make it their own. If you are a company that wants maximum flexibility in order to process your reservations your way, then Kodiaq is a perfect fit for you.

Because Kodiaq is written using object oriented design techniques, much of the code is reusable across the different modules. So new modules are never created from scratch. Also, the rule engine allows the programmer to construct the rules for new modules smoothly and easily. This is a perfect platform for creating your own new solutions or for having Intelliquence Consulting Services get your ideas up and running quickly.

Queue Scheduler

The Queue Scheduler is a user-defined table of queues organized by priority and is designed to run on a continuous basis. This feature is useful for keeping queues cleared that continue to build up throughout the day. The queues in the scheduler may be of all different types (PNRs, teletype messages). You merely specify in the Queue Scheduler which process should be run on each queue.

Event Scheduler

The Event Scheduler may be set up by the user to run specified processes at regular intervals, such as daily, hourly, etc. These processes may be queues to work or any other time-initiated task. For example, you may want to run the Waitlist Cancellation process once a day at 08:00 Monday—Friday and the Ticket Time Limit every thirty minutes. These and others can be set up in the Event Scheduler.

Flight Selector

In addition to queues, you may wish to run a process on certain flights over certain dates. The Flight Selector is very flexible to allow you to find the particular PNRs that you are interested in. You may specify all flights or a flight range by flight number or city pairs. The flight dates may be selected by date ranges or number of days until departure. Flights may also be restricted by a minimum load factor, so that Kodiaq only looks at flights booked over a specified percentage. This feature would be used when identifying duplicate bookings on certain city pairs or identifying un-ticketed passengers for a particular range of flight numbers.

Data Parser

Kodiaq retrieves the data it needs to perform its rule processing in the same manner that a person would - by making entries onto the host system and reading the responses. The screen displays are parsed and any relevant pieces of information are stored in Kodiaq’s internal object oriented structure so that the data may be interrogated quickly by the rules.

Host Communication

Kodiaq can be configured to work with your terminal emulator or we can recommend a solution for you.

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