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Group PNR Modules

Group PNR Recall

This module adds a reminder remark to "Group" PNRs queued from the host system that do not have all the names reported. This occurs at certain recall dates before departure. The module maintains a database of passenger totals at each date for use in future forecasting efforts.

Group PNR Review

This module allows the user to define specific criteria for special consideration to determine what action the module takes on the "Group" PNRs in a queue generated by the host that do not have all the names reported. The user enters the criteria, a time period to use the rule, and an action to perform. The criteria are items such as certain SSR text, group name, booking agent, etc. The time period can be a time before travel begins, ends, a certain time of day, or may be read from an SSR in the PNR. The action to perform may be to cancel a percentage of the seats, or to leave a certain number of seats, or to requeue the PNR at a certain date. This module provides a very flexible system for the airline group desk to handle special considerations and agreements negotiated with various travel agencies and tour operators.

Identification of Group Reservations

This module examines all flights within a specified range and date to identify individual bookings that should have been created as a group PNR. The module then generates a message containing the record locators of the individual PNRs.


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