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Ticket Time Limit Cancellation Module

Are your ticket time limit rules being enforced? Are you using valuable resources to check all these PNRs with expired time limits? Use Kodiaq to relieve your staff of this tedious process and put your valuable inventory "back on the shelf" as efficiently as possible.


This module examines an "Expired Ticketing Time Limit" PNR queue from the host and cancels the PNR if the time limit has expired unless certain criteria are met.


bullet This queue contains PNRs that have expired time limits which were added by the host (rather than Kodiaq). The time limit may not have expired yet in the city where travel begins, so Kodiaq checks the time in the departure city before deciding the cancel the PNR.
bullet If the PNR needs special consideration, such as VIP or a CRS owned PNR, it will be routed to a special queue for a person to check.

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