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Flight Firming Module

Valuable seat inventory cannot be tied up by reservations that never become ticketed passengers. These unticketed PNRs need to be detected and the agent needs to be alerted to ticket or cancel the reservation. And you need the ability to follow up on these unticketed PNRs in order to release the unticketed space back into inventory. Kodiaq can perform all these tasks for you and significantly reduce your "no show" rate.


This module searches the host for PNRs within a defined flight and date range and adds a warning message and assigns a time limit to those PNRs without ticketing information. The module then cancels the PNR or routes the PNR to a queue for manual handling upon expiration of the time limit.


bullet The time limit will be determined based on the date and time of departure and how much time the agent will have to ticket the PNR. Kodiaq is able to consider whether the time limit is during working hours for the agent in the departure city.
bullet The warning remark for the agent is given in their own time zone.
bullet After expiration of the ticketing time limit, the PNR will not be cancelled if it needs special consideration, such as first class passengers, VIPs, or particular special needs
bullet If you require reconfirmation of certain flights, then you can use this module to check for reconfirmation status while the PNR is being checked for ticketing. If a segment (or any connections) has not been reconfirmed a warning message will be added to the PNR. Then after the time limit has expired, the status is checked again. If it has still not been reconfirmed, then the PNR is routed to a specified queue for a person to follow up on.

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