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Waitlist Cancellation Module

Depending on your waitlist rules, you may see long lists of waitlisted passengers on many of your flights every day. You may find passengers keeping their options open by waitlisting on similar routings or in different classes. Management of these waitlists can become a nightmare. Many of these reservations will never become confirmed and you are paying unnecessary GDS/CRS costs. You may want to cancel these segments, but the volume of PNRs is too huge to handle and who has the extra time? Kodiaq can find those waitlisted segments and cancel the right ones for you.


This module analyzes all PNRs with a waitlisted segment on any flight range for a specified period of time prior to departure. The module will cancel all duplicate waitlisted segments, leaving only one route in the PNR. You can run this process on all flights leaving the next day and save a huge amount on CRS fees by eliminating those segments that will never be flown.


bullet The best connection is kept if connecting to a confirmed segment.
bullet A segment will not be cancelled if the passenger is waitlisted on a higher class or if the segment was just waitlisted today.
bullet Waitlisted connections are also cancelled unless they are the only connection to a confirmed segment.

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