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Seating Queue Modules

Kodiaq contains various modules for handling different queues related to seating. These are all time savers, which allow your staff to work on more rewarding and interesting tasks. Why should your employees use their time on tasks that can be automated?

Seat Map Configuration

This module examines a "Seat Map" message queue, which contains a new seat configuration for a particular flight range. The module reads the information in the message and then updates the seat plan.

Reseating After Equipment Change or Schedule Change

These modules examine a "Reseating" PNR queue, which contains the PNRs affected by a seat map configuration change or schedule change. The module examines the current seat map and reseats the passengers in the same type of seat, i.e. window, aisle, smoking, non-smoking.

Unconfirmed Seating Queue

This module examines a PNR "Seating" queue that contains seat segments that are still PN (pending). It attempts to confirm the seat requests.


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