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Teletype Reject Messages Module

In today's competitive environment, lag time in handling message rejects can make the difference in service and disservice for your valued customers. More manpower to work message queues is not the solution. Kodiaq can automate the entire process and reduce your message edit department's costs as well as improve the accuracy of your reservations and actually lower your reject volumes and duplicate bookings.


This module examines a "Reject" message sent to queue from the host for processing or correction. The module then can update the PNR based on the instructions in the message and/or correct and resubmit the message for host processing.


bullet Intelligent name correction by reading history and comparing number of mismatched letters
bullet User-defined rules which indicate the action to take based on the status of the message segment and PNR segment
bullet Rules to find the correct PNR by matching similar names, changes in history, etc.
bullet Codeshare actions as well as third record locator supported
bullet Able to access and read GDS PNRs
bullet Handles divide messages and recognizes divides that have already occurred
bullet Any cancellation requests that are missing in the PNR will be indicated, so that message times in any subsequent messages can be compared to determine the correct action.
bullet SSR and OSI requests are supported to include name and segment relation and will be reformatted accurately to avoid reject.
bullet For systems that require manual confirmation of certain SSRs, Kodiaq may be specialized to include the specific policy of the customer.
bullet Seat requests can be made for specific seats and if not available, Kodiaq can determine the seat request type from the message or the seat map and make an appropriate alternate request.
bullet For systems that create invalid SSR and OSI segments in the PNR (ZZR/ZZI), Kodiaq will readd any of these segments in the appropriate way in order to end transact the PNR.
bullet After working a message, Kodiaq can check the SSRs in the PNR in order to confirm any seats, or route any PNRs needing special handling.

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