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Passive Segments Module

Whenever an agent creates a passive segment, the airline can receive a notification message from the CRS. Then, this passive booking can be examined in order to determine if the message should be returned to the creator. However, the task of handling the volume of passive messages can be overwhelming. But on the other hand, ignoring them costs a huge amount in GDS/CRS booking fees and also in lost revenue due to abuse. Why not let Kodiaq check all of your passive messages to identify all of those invalid requests?


This module reviews a queue of “Passive Booking” messages sent by the CRS and verifies the message content with the actual PNR. The module also verifies that the agency creating the passive booking has ticketing authority and that this is their first passive segment request for this flight in this PNR.


bullet In many cases a passive message can be disallowed and Kodiaq will send back a message to the creator of the passive segment with NO status and an explanation in an SSR. Some of the checks that are made by Kodiaq are:
  • the passive segment may not match the PNR because of name misspellings, wrong names, different classes of service, etc.
  • the agent may not have ticketing authority, for instance—a non-IATA agency or the PNR is under control of another agency
  • this agent may already be holding an active booking
bullet In other cases, the passive booking is accepted, so Kodiaq indicates this in the PNR so that any subsequent passive segments from the same agent will be disallowed.
bullet Any SSR or OSI requests in the message are entered into the PNR.
bullet Ticketing SSRs are entered and ticketing time limits can be removed.
bullet PX segments are also handled to allow subsequent PK requests.
bullet If a message contains both passive and active segments, Kodiaq is able to handle both as two separate messages.

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