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Promoted Segment (KL) Management Module

If a waitlisted segment becomes confirmed, but the agent does not action the PNR it remains with KL status. Your host system probably puts these PNRs on queue for you to follow up on, but why spend time on a task that can be automated by Kodiaq? Kodiaq can remind the PNR owner to action the KL and if no action is taken, then defer it.


This module examines a “Confirmed from List” PNR queue from the host in which the flight segments are still KL and have not yet been changed to HK. The module adds a time limit for ticketing to the PNR based on the time that the segment became KL. Upon expiration of the time limit, segments still KL will be changed to DL. For CRS PNRs, warning are given with no cancellation.


bullet If Kodiaq has already added a ticketing time limit for another reason, then it will merely add a remark reminding the agent to action the KL.
bullet The PNR can also be checked for duplicate segments.
bullet The time limit is calculated based on the amount of time between departure and the KL time in history.
bullet Kodiaq will make sure that the time limit is during working hours for the agent in the departure city.
bullet The warning remark for the agent is given in their own time zone.
bullet If there is not enough time, Kodiaq will merely add a remark asking the agent to action the KL, but no time limit will be added.

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